Papua New Guinea Sept. 2015

Papua New Guinea, Sept. 7-10, 2015

Participants for this mission were Julie L Walsh, OD, PhD and Dale Simmons in collaboration with PNG Eyecare.  Joycelyn Kali, Refractionist, represented PNG Eyecare. We were joined by local ophthalmologist Waime Wahamu, MD and nurse Judith Dupi. The clinic took place at the Madan Community Center Clinic at the Madan Coffee and Tea Plantation. Clinic Adminstrator, Maureen Yalde assisted with organizing and translating. Eyewear was provided by PNG Eyecare.

We saw a total of 80 patients. The most common causes of decreased vision that was not correctable with glasses were cataracts and corneal scars due to trauma. At least 90% were illiterate and did not know how old they were.

Julie Walsh, O.D.