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What to Bring

A photocopy of picture page of your passport Any prescription medications you may need Prescription and non prescription sunglasses A wash cloth, they never seem to have them in foreign hotels Insect repellant Moist towelettes such as Wet Ones. In case you need to clean up with out water Sun screen Swimsuit Pepto Bismol or some other stomach soother Anti-diarrhea medication – in case the Pepto Bismol fails! A strong prescription oral antibiotic such as Cipro, in case you get sick Needle and thread for clothing emergencies Small bottle of … Read More

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For trip leaders only. Please download and use this Excel spreadsheet to manage your participants. web-Mission-Roster

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Mission Registration Forms

Download Mission Registration and Liability Form Please download, fill out and e-mail the form along with a copy of your passport to:

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A Short Course to Optical Genius

By Dr. Jim Hess This bit of information is for those volunteers about to go on their first VOSH trip and for those who have been on several and really didn’t know what all those numbers meant. Let’s take an average prescription (Rx): O.D. +2.25 – .75 x 90 O.S. +2.00 – .50 x 90 +1.75 ADD This Rx is for a farsighted person with astigmatism who needs a bifocal. Now let’s break this Rx down. O.D. is an abbreviation for the right eye. All Rx’s are written with the … Read More

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Donations of $50 or more will entitle you to membership in VOSH Minnesota and International. Donate Online VOSH-MN is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All of our members are volunteers. Mission participants pay their own travel expenses. Your donations allow us to purchase supplies for missions such as much-needed sunglasses, reading glasses, transport containers and basic office supplies. Thank you for your donation! Our work locally and around the world would not be possible without your help. Donate By Mail To donate and /or become a VOSH-Minnesota member by mail please … Read More