Panama, February 2020

VOSH MN took a group of 27 volunteers, San Felix, Panama from Feb 8, 2020- Feb 16, 2020. The group was led by Dr. Erin Sinkoff and Kirk Thomas. There were a total of 6 optometrists and 2 ophthalmologists on the team. A total of 1103 patients were seen over 3 days. The patients were given ocular health examinations, eyeglasses when needed, and sunglasses. People who needed treatment for more advanced ocular diseases, like cataracts or glaucoma, were referred to a local clinic. The majority of patients were indigenous peoples called Ngäbe-Buglé.

For the remainder of the trip, the group was able to tour one of the  Ngäbe-Buglé villages, go snorkeling, relax at the pool and beach, tour the Panama Canal and Casco Viejo (old city) Panama City.


Panama, February 2020. Contact Kirk Thomas or Dr. Erin Sinkoff