Belize, Fall 2023

Belize: Dr. Stacy Hinkemeyer-Colatrella is asking for volunteers to lead the eye team of this year’s Belize trip. There are two date options: October 6-14th, 2023, or October 14- 22nd , 2023. The leaders of the Belize Mission Project are wonderful to work with; they arrange lodging, customs paperwork, transportation in Belize, and worksites.

As the leader of the eye team, you would be responsible for preparing and packing for the mission, communicating with your team, recruiting participants, and organizing the team on-sight. Dr. Hinkemeyer-Colatrella will help plan, prepare, and recruit for the trip; she is just unable to travel that week.

Please let her know if you are interested in helping lead and/or going on the mission by emailing her at It is a great experience!

If interested, please contact Stacy Hinkemeyer, OD